Humans (Homo sapiens) are a bipedal species originating from the planet Earth. They are the most common sentient species seen in the Dyercentral universe and their actions create most of the stories seen therein.

Appearance Edit

Though in the real world humans have an incredibly varied appearance, most humans in the Dyercentral universe have the exact same facial structure and body proportions. This typical human is tall and stocky, with brown-blonde hair that always changes its length at the same time as everybody else's. This strange similarity also extends to non-human humanoids such as The Meddler and CJ Emperor Plagiarism. However, in rare cases a human will have a differing look, ranging from short and skinny, to tall and muscular.

Inter-Species Relationships Edit

Most human's in the series seem to live in harmony with the other native sentient species on Earth, rocks and sock puppets. To the point where a rock has risen to be president of the United States of America. However, knowledge of the sock puppet's homeland and culture is not very common, leading to possible culture shock when humans are introduced to them all at once. There may also be a history of racism between the species, as a hotel owner accused Dyer of being a racist when the latter claimed the former looked like another sock puppet, Socko.

Alien humanoids are regarded as mysterious creatures and it has not been confirmed if the general public knows of their existence. The only aliens that have appeared have only been seen communicating with film reviewers, who are already regarded as unusual among their own population. The same thing goes for internet deities, demons, and living stuffed animals.

Overall Strength Edit

In addition to having the largest population, humans are also the most powerful, technologically advanced, and well organized among the sentient species on Earth. A typical human is several times bigger and heavier than a typical sock puppet. Human's have also been shown to be at least twenty years ahead of the sock puppets in terms of technology.

Most humans are about as physically powerful as in real life. However, many different humans are able to push their bodies to do amazing things with martial arts and mastery of kai. Dyer and Chadwick Jones have been shown to be able to fly using kai, with the latter also capable of using powerful energy blasts.

To help compensate for average strength, many humans choose to use firearms to achieve an advantage in a conflict.

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