"With this, I christen thee the impenetrable Kawecki fortress!" - Kawecki, shortly before being felled by a single snowball.
Extreme Snowball Fighting is the second episode of The Extreme Series.

Summary Edit

Dyer and Kawecki meet again by chance, prompting Dyer to attack with his sword. However, his sword is still broken, so it snaps on impact, leaving Kawecki unharmed. The two decide to fight anyway, once again on the most holy battleground. Since they did chess last time, they travel up to a snow covered landscape and decide to have an extreme snowball fight. After many shenanigans involving icicles and forts, Kawecki begins his finishing move. During Kawecki's long setup, Dyer decides to head inside the nearby cabin to relax with some cocoa. When Kawecki comes to the door to ask to be let in, Dyer refuses him, causing Kawecki to walk off sadly.

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