"Maybe we should try something smaller, like a miniature version of golf." - Dyer
Extreme Minigolf is the third episode of The Extreme Series.

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While Kawecki is gleefully walking down the street one day, he is suddenly stabbed in the chest by Dyer, who purchased a new sword from Kmart. This time, it is Kawecki who convinces him that they can't fight with swords. Instead, they decide to play golf. Whilst playing, Kawecki hits a ball so far that it lands near a man a large distance away, which convinces him that the sky is falling. Dyer then decides that changing the scale of the field would be advantageous, so the duo goes out to play miniature golf. Before they begin, they establish an enormous amount of rules, the last of which is that the loser will be transformed into a banana cream pie. During the game, they get up to several shenanigans. Finally, it's the eighteenth hole and Dyer needs a hole in one to win. He lines up his shot carefully, prepares to swing, then as he makes contact he is interrupted by the man who thinks the sky is falling, badly messing up the shot. As a result, Kawecki is given just cause to turn him into a banana cream pie. As a pie, however, Dyer has just enough willpower to splatter himself into Kawecki's face.

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  • This is the first appearance of Rob Bergman in a Dyercentral video
  • The episode has been the subject of over half a dozen copyright claims due to the use of licensed music in elongated sections of the video. As such, it has been reedited and re-uploaded several times. During some of the edits, several jokes and sequences were removed or replaced, and subtitles were permanently embedded due to poor sound conditions. Sadly, this means that several bits of information like the original posting date and length of the video are lost to time
  • The subtitles added to the most current version have several spelling mistakes