"No! Jello is the hardest substance known to man! It's too wobbly to break!" - Kawecki
Extreme Chess is the first episode of The Extreme Series.

Summary Edit

Two hot-headed warriors, Dyer and Kawecki, meet in a suburban neighborhood to do battle. When Dyer discovers that his sword is not functional, he convinces Kawecki that they must not fight in this manner. Instead, they fight on the most holy battleground, chess. The battle is intense and involves several unusual moves, such as freezing pieces in jello and hitting the board with a hammer. Finally, Dyer has the upper hand. Kawecki is forced to use his ultimate move, striking Dyer in the face and running away, winning the battle.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first full appearances of Dyer and Kawecki
  • The moment where Kawecki leaps over his chair was improvised.