"...hopefully this episode won't be as long as the last one, it's only covering twice as many episodes!" - Chadwick Jones
The Dragon Ball Lookback: Episode 2 (The Red Ribbon Army Arc) is the eighteenth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents, the tenth episode of Season 2, and the second episode of the Dragon Ball Lookback. This edition covers episodes 29-83 of the Dragon Ball anime, colloquially referred to as The Red Ribbon Army Arc.

Summary Edit

As in the last episode, Chadwick Jones summarizes the assigned episodes, making jokes along the way. At the end of the episode Chadwick notes that there are several aspects of the show that resemble his own life. We then see Marvin Jones and a Panther fleet traveling across the ocean towards New Zealand. A Panther Soldier informs Marvin that they have discovered the location of the PRU headquarters in Geneva. Instead of changing course, Marvin orders that a strike team be sent to the location, assuming that they will not put up much of a resistance.

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  • Marvin Jones orders a strike team to wipe out the PRU HQ in Geneva

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