" you are all aware of, I am the founder of Dyercentral" - Mr. Dyer
Ask Mr. Dyer #1 is the first episode of Ask Mr. Dyer.

Summary Edit

Mr. Dyer answers questions in a strange and unusual way. At the end, he encourages viewers to leave more in the comment section.

Questions Edit

  1. Mr. Dyer, can cheese fly?
  2. Mr. Dyer, are you gay?
  3. Mr. Dyer, demonic weasels have infested my front yard. How do I get rid of them if all I have is a garden hose, some staples, a recycling bin, and a pair of ripped-up underwear?

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Trivia Edit

  • The section where Mr. Dyer runs in slow motion towards his own reflection was meant to have romantic music under it, but for reasons even Glenn Dyer is unaware of it was excluded.